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With over 20 years' experience in the industry we are specialised in the plating of a wide variety of parts for aerospace, defence, automotive, computer and the telecommunications industry.


Aviation Plating

Mercury Electroplating has been providing a plating service to Military, Aviation, and all Manufacturing Industries throughout the UK.


Automotive Industry

We have been serving the automotive industry for over 20 years here at Mercury Electroplating.


Electroless Nickel Plating Aluminum

Mercury Electroplating can take your project from initial conception, through prototyping and into volume production.

Mercury Electroplating have a suite of high technology coatings available for autosport components that will allow race engines to run hotter, faster with increased stresses and lower frictional losses. Without such coatings many modern bespoke racing engines simply will not function optimally.

This is one area where racing engine manufacturers are leading series-production vehicle manufacturers to a lower friction future. Within a few years we will see relatively low cost cars fitted with coated valvetrain components. Where autosport’s goal is enhanced performance via lower friction, theirs is lower fuel consumption and emissions also via increased lubricity.

Key reasons for utilising coatings on racing engine components

  • Prevention of corrosion
  • Reduction of wear
  • Improving the coefficient of Friction
  • Improvement in materials compatibility problems
  • Modification of other material problems

The effects of abrasive, adhesive and fretting wear as well surface fatigue can be mitigated by the use of coatings whether on one or both counter facing surfaces

Coatings are utilised in a range of environments inside and outside of the engine. High temperatures, thermal cycling, high sliding velocities, high contact stresses and amplitudes, immersion in water, fuels and oils are all situations where we place coatings therefore it is vital that the coating we select can not only perform the primary duty but also withstand the rigours the environment it operates within.

Mercury Electroplating’s impressive in-house team of engineers and scientists and an extensive and well equipped laboratory – allow us to develop new variants of coatings for the autosport sector.

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